Some more reviews of Violato Intatto!

Martin Burns on DPRP:
“Accordo Dei Contrari’s Violato Intatto is a cracking collection of tunes featuring polyrhythmic textures and a full spectrum of musical colour. They make great use of focussed improvisation, within superbly structured melodic envelopes, and they do all that, without any fat at all.”
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Dimitris Kaltsas on
“Accordo dei Contrari may fly under the radar of the best part of the audience, but for those who follow closely their steps, everything they do offers plenty to investigate.”
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Floriano Ravera on Drumset:
“Musica complessa, che scioglie ogni distinguo tra composizione e improvvisazione. Eccellente.”

René Yedema on iO Pages:
iO Pages144-20.jpg